I-95 Exit Information Guide

I-95 Exit Information Guide

If you travel the eastern United States you’ve probably used Interstate 95 for a portion of your trip. I-95 is considered to be the most heavily traveled Interstate in the country, running from the Canadian border and Maine to southern Florida. With those kind of numbers, why not have a website devoted to I-95 travelers?

That’s where The I-95 Exit Information Guide OnLine comes in. As websites go, it’s a granddaddy! This site has been around a long time… since 1994! The guide has an impressive amount of content for the I-95 traveler. The “bread and butter” for this website are the exit service listings. You’ll find detailed listings for every exit from end to end. Lodging, restaurants, campgrounds, and rest areas are just a few of the services listed.

One of our favorite features of this website is the “I-95 Forum”, a discussion area that gets lots of traffic and is an excellent opportunity to ask fellow road warriors for tips and hints along the way. The forum has been around for quire some time and there is a wealth of information shared be seasoned I-95 travelers here.

Over and above the forums and exit service listings are plenty of interesting and valuable info. CityGuides is a feature that offers “quick travel reference to cities and towns along America’s East Coast”. There are tons of city guides out there on the Internet but, for the most part they feature the country’s larger or more popular metro areas. Visitors are invited to create their own hometown CityGuide and the best ones are included in this websites listings. The CityGuides here feature the small to medium size cities and towns along the I-95 route. Again, just what the I-95 traveler is looking for!

Another feature, “The Highway Gourmet” offers reviews and recommendations of restaurants, diners and fast food establishments along the way. You’ll find a few hidden jewels here. The “Travelers Alert” section identifies areas of major highway construction activity as well as other events that may result in traffic delays along your route. Gas prices, alternate route suggestions and seasonal features round out the array of travel content.

While The I-95 Exit Information Guide is heavy on content, the navigation systems is extremely easy to master. The site design is well balanced with good use of color and graphics. Content is king here and this website has it all. As Yahoo’s Internet Life Magazine says ” “The I-95 Exit Information Guide is, flat out, the single best site for auto travelers on the web…”

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